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Quick Ways to Improve Job Descriptions


Quick Ways to Improve Job Descriptions

For most job seekers, job titles and job descriptions are the main source of information when looking for a new job. Most job seekers actively search job board websites and social media to find available positions, but according to a report by TheLadders, job seekers only spend an average of 76 seconds looking at a job description before applying. While you can’t completely avoid receiving an abundance of unqualified applicants, creating clear job descriptions can help deter some applicants and attract only the ones you want. By taking the time to improve job descriptions, you could reduce the amount of unqualified applicants and increase the amount of qualified ones.


The ways that job seekers find and apply for jobs have certainly changed, but clear job titles and job descriptions remain important to the hiring process in order to clearly state the job responsibilities and requirements regardless of the media job seekers use to search and apply. Without proper descriptions, it may be difficult to recruit proper candidates.

Tips to Improve Job Descriptions:

1. Optimize for Keywords - Because your job descriptions are published online, usually on your company website and/or job posting websites, they need to be optimized for keywords. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to optimize your job descriptions, but you do need to consider the main points of the description and what job seekers would search for. For example, if you expect job seekers to search for the terms “market analyst” and “full time,” make sure they are prominent in your description. That also means using job titles that are relevant and searchable.

2. Describe an Average Day – Few job descriptions include an average day on the job, but even a short description could encourage more job seekers to apply. The more information it provides them, the more prepared they feel if they receive an interview for the job. It also helps weed out applicants who may misinterpret the job description by clearly stating how certain job requirements fit into the role.

3.  Focus on Skills, Not just Experience - While years of experience are still important, they aren’t the only important requirement. Use job descriptions to emphasize the skills needed to do the job and you’ll capture a very well-qualified group of applicants rather than just those who’ve been working in the field longer. In the end, skill trumps experience.

4. Remember your Branding - Organizations should utilize their employer branding within job descriptions, specifically their mission statement or value proposition, in order to attract ideal candidates. By describing your organization and its environment, you can give the reader a better idea of what to expect at the job so they can picture themselves there.

5. Avoid Cliches - You know the ones. Using phrases like “great communication skills” to describe a skill won’t attract the talent you want. Avoid the usual cliche phrases in your descriptions and replace them with ones like “able to communicate clearly.” The more specific you are about the skills you’re looking for, the more likely it is you’ll find the candidate you’re looking for.

6. Enhance Job Descriptions with Video - Sometimes words aren’t enough. Try utilizing video in your job descriptions to attract more candidates and give them an introduction to your company. Include a link to a corporate recruiting video or even a manager introduction video in the job description, and you’ll show candidates exactly why they’d want to work for the company. Video helps clarify the job expectations, work environment, company culture so that you can attract the right group of applicants.

Once you’ve mastered the formula for the perfect job description, you’ll want to screen your applicants. Use recorded video interviews to quickly and efficiently screens applicants with short videos. Either provide a link to record during the application process or invite applicants  to participate once you’ve reviewed their resumes. Instead of speaking with each applicant on the phone, simply ask them to record responses to pre-determined questions and review them more quickly with your team.

Take the steps to improve job descriptions with these simple steps and start capturing better applicants who are better prepared to enter your company.


Holly Wade is the Marketing Manager at GreenJobInterview. She comes from the technology world with a background in marketing and public relations, where she specialized in content management, brand development and social media. Connect with Holly via LinkedIn: