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10 Social Media Recruiting Facts that Might Surprise You



10 Social Media Recruiting Facts that Might Surprise You

Every year, social media’s impact on business increases. As Millennials age into the workforce, social media becomes more and more important to recruiting as well, driving the need for improved social recruiting strategies. While social media has opened more doors to communicating with potential applicants, it also created the need for more complex strategies to use the various platforms efficiently. If your company is not already using social media for talent acquisition, it’s about time to jump on the bandwagon and learn how to navigate the multiple, ever-changing platforms if you want to compete for top talent. That means you have to do more than make LinkedIn connections to reach the best applicants.

Tweet This: Did you know approximately 8,000,000 applicants have found jobs on Twitter?

In case you still need more convincing, here are 10 social media recruiting facts that will help you see just how important social media is to your overall talent acquisition strategy, especially when targeting younger members of the workforce.

Social Media Facts

  1. According to a study by Aberdeen Group, approximately 73% of Millennials (ages 18-34) found their last position via a social media platform. College students, especially, will begin their job search through social networks.
  2. About 80% of LinkedIn users are passive candidates, meaning they are not actively searching for a job but may be open to a new opportunity if it’s the right fit.
  3. Although LinkedIn seems like the #1 site for businesspeople, Mashable reported that 52% of job seekers used Facebook to look for work in 2012. In fact, according to Jobcast, a Facebook recruiting app, 83% of job seekers are active on Facebook, compared to only 36% on LinkedIn.
  4. BusinessWest reported that recruiters who used social media saw a 49% improvement in candidate quality when compared to candidates gathered through standard recruiting methods.
  5. In 2014, Jobvite noted that 40% of job seekers modified their social presence in some way to modify their appearance for potential social recruiters. The study also reported that “social job seekers” are approximately 70% women and most are likely young, wealthy and highly educated individuals.
  6. The study by Jobvite also stated that 59% of recruiters rated social media sourced candidates as “highest quality.”
  7. An infographic by showed that 45% of Fortune 500 firms include links to social media on their career pages.
  8. According to Business 2 Community, approximately 8,000,000 applicants found their jobs through Twitter.
  9. What about Snapchat? Although many recruiters don’t think their audience is on Snapchat, the 18% of all social media users who use the platform may beg to differ. An infographic by SurePayroll cites that a third of all U.S. Millennials use Snapchat regularly.
  10. Job posting website CareerBuilder found that only 39% of all employers use social media for recruiting and hiring, and although that number continues to increase, it doesn’t yet compare to the 94% of recruiters who social social media for their jobs.

Well? Have I influenced your view on social media recruiting?

This is the future of recruiting, and whether businesses are ready or not, it’s time to jump in to social networks with both feet. We’re here to make the process even easier. With a solution like GreenJob One-Way recorded video interviews, you can quickly wade through your social media sourced candidates to find the best ones. If these statistics tell you anything, it’s that it’s worth it to try!


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