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Recruit Passive Candidates More Effectively


Recruit Passive Candidates More Effectively

In today’s candidate-driven job market, it can be difficult to attract the most qualified candidates to your open job positions. Because of this difficulty, many recruiters have embraced the search for passive candidates. According to LinkedIn, approximately 75% of the workforce is composed of passive candidates. These are usually individuals who are already successfully employed in the same or a similar position, who may become interested in your job opening if the right opportunity came along. According to the CEB Recruiting Leadership Council Global Labour Market Briefing, these candidates also outperform active candidates by a full 9% and 25% more likely to stay with their employer long term.

To recruit passive candidates, many recruiters have taken a bit of a shotgun approach. We’re all familiar with LinkedIn emails from recruiters we don’t know sending us long pages of emails about positions that are often irrelevant to us or a wall of text about them. They’re the email version of a cold call. Does anybody like a cold call? Often, we hear from candidates that these kinds of emails don’t get read and go straight into the trash. Those passive candidates who do respond find the interviewing process difficult to work into their work day. But fear not, there is a better way to reach these coveted passive candidates and hire them for your open job position.

Reach Passive Candidates with a Better Process

Today’s recruiting teams are bogged down with a lot of responsibilities- reaching more candidates with less resources. Is there ever enough time in the day? But what if you could reach passive candidates with minimal effort? Let’s examine how:

Source socially with hashtags.  It’s no secret that social media can be a great way to reach candidates.  But many recruiting efforts fall flat.  Hashtags are one of the most popular ways recruiters can reach passive candidates. It can be incredibly easy to find a thought leader in a space like network security by searching for #networksecurity. There you can find a talent pool of passive candidates already engaged in conversation about the topic. From there, recruiters can reach out personally and build a rapport with individuals who may be your next great hire.
Skip the canned emails. Nobody likes those long impersonal cut and paste job opening emails that many recruiters are so fond of using. So why use them if they’re such a turn off? Instead, try sending a personal note to passive candidates expressing that you noticed they’re accomplished in a position you’re looking to fill. Keep the conversation about them to pique their interest. But don’t start off with a hard sell to a stranger. The key to this strategy is to draw passive candidates in with a more personal approach and then offer to discuss the job opening further.
Be available to communicate after hours. The reality is that today, recruiting isn’t just 9 to 5. Passive candidates aren’t often available to pick up the phone to hear more about your open position if they’re working these hours. Try offering a time to chat after their commute home or before work in the morning. This kind of flexibility can ensure you get the time you need to talk.
Offer flexible options to interview. Passive candidates are already employed, so the likelihood they can interview at 9am on a Tuesday is small. Instead, tailor the interviewing process around their schedule. One great way to do this is by using video interviews on demand. This flexible software offers passive candidates the freedom to record video answers to screening questions at their leisure. Once completed, recruiters are able to share these video interviews with one another and collaborate. Passive candidates love video interviews on demand because it doesn’t arouse suspicion with their current employer. They’re able to record these video interviews before or after work when it’s more convenient. Recruiters can view and score 10 video interviews on demand in the time it would take to conduct a phone screen, offering recruiters more time in their day.
Make the process easy. The key to recruiting passive candidates is to make the entire process easy for them- easy to apply, easy to communicate, and easy to interview. A difficult and rigid process could turn off passive candidates altogether.

If your efforts to reach passive candidates are falling flat, you could benefit from making the process more flexible and more personal. With minimal effort, your company could experience great rewards.


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