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The Power of Personal Touch in the Hiring Process 


How can recruiters increase hires and revenue for their organization? The answer lies in how the company treats and introduces the candidate to their organization. In fact, candidates who begin as customers are 3.2x more likely to say their relationship with their recruiter is a positive one. So, even before the recruitment and hiring processes begin, an amiable employer brand is necessary. When it comes to where an individual works every day, candidates expect employers to be reliable and respectful.


As recruiters and hiring managers are responsible for establishing that first impression for candidates, sustaining a personal touch throughout the hiring process is in the best interest of the employer brand. Let’s learn how:


Be mindful of time-sensitive tasks during hiring

Job seekers don’t like recruiters leaving them in the dark after a phone interview, multiple in-person interviews and even hints of a job offering. Nearly three-quarters (71%) of candidates search for reliable employers. By taking the extra time each week to touch base with potential new hires, it strengthens that sense of authenticity and genuine interest. Take a few minutes out of your day to respond to candidate emails, alerting them to the stage they are in the process. Maintaining this open line of communication enhances and solidifies a good employer brand. This can be done manually, via automation, a nurtured workflow, or the FAQs page on your career site.

Give candidates the ability to effectively manage their career search. Similar to keeping candidates updated, have the same respect for job seekers; 94% of candidates expect to see current job postings. While many of these job seekers who apply for the open positions might have the basic necessary skills for the position, their soft skills and experience might not be entirely what you’re looking for. Screen applicants to filter the high quality candidates from those who didn’t quite make the cut. This shortens the recruitment process, saving the organization money, freeing up recruitment budgets, and saving you time.


Brand yourself and become familiar

Only 17% of companies believe they have an effective employee brand. Even something as simple as a branded email is a step in the right direction. Brighten up inboxes by branding automated emails to impress and maintain your talent pool. Zipping branded emails to your candidates helps to maintain the communication tactic discussed above while also making your candidates feel like more than another number in line. Set yourself apart from this pack with a few simple tools: a career site, dedicated social recruiting accounts and a platform that allows your employer brand to excel. GreenJobInterview allows companies to brand themselves from the application through the entire process with customized invitations, branded portals and a consistent interviewing experience.


Practice involvement

Companies who decide to implement new technologies including social media, mobile and video for a more engaging recruitment process already adopt similar qualities to those deemed Best-in-Class organizations. Job seekers have a set of expectations for mobile career sites: 72% want to see a description of company culture, 61% want to see company history and 56% expect to see a list of benefits.

Reaching out to your candidates in order to let them know they haven’t been forgotten is just as vital as any other part of the hiring process, regardless of if they get a job offer. Perpetuate a communicative relationship with your talent pool; that personal touch in the hiring process is truly invaluable. Whether you meet virtually, in-person or over the phone, interaction and building a relationship foundation will strengthen ties between current candidates and those in the future.



Julie Salerno
Julie Salerno provides guidance and leadership to the GreenJobInterview sales team and is responsible for the ongoing growth of the company’s revenues and profitability. In June of 2014, Salerno was named the head of strategic alliances. In this role, she works with GreenJobInterview’s extensive network of partners on co-marketing, technology integrations and strategic planning. Julie assists in managing the company’s resources, and improving business processes from sales to service.