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Not All Video Interviewing Platforms Were Created Equal


Walking around the expo hall, Harry saw a booth advertising the latest and greatest company video option… and another… and another. There were other booths there, ATS vendors, litigation mediators, and even some companies with apps to help increase team efficiency. What he noticed more than anything was the amount of video interviewing platforms. Harry couldn’t help but wonder, “What makes this guy different than the one next to him?” That’s a good question Harry… a very good question.

With the explosion of the internet, video interviewing services have popped up all over. There are free software options and paid platforms, the choice all depends upon what you’re looking for in a professional interviewing and screening platform. Although we are one of many, not all platforms were created equal.

What’s the Difference Between Video Interviewing Platforms?

Many video interviewing companies say they “shorten the interview process.” GreenJobInterview only abbreviates the interviewing process, which saves companies money throughout the hiring process. GreenJobInterview gives you substantial evidence of our client success through case studies, blog articles, and client testimonials from, UCLA, and Wal-mart Stores Inc. For example, Wal-mart Stores, Inc., saves on average $5 million a year in travel costs alone using GreenJobInterview. With a limited budget, UCLA was able to expand their candidate pool nationally and be aggressively competitive without draining department resources, according to Amy Rueda, Director of Strategic Talent Management.

There is proof behind the numbers. GreenJobInterview saved its clients $22 million dollars last year alone. Ranked in Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 500, we also just happen to be #15 in HR as a result of 1055% growth. Our clients? Well, we proudly serve Campbell’s Soup, Mutual of Omaha, PepsiCo, and Colgate-Palmolive to name a few.

What has Changed?

Perhaps the overwhelming client approval comes from our mobile app. It includes both One-Way and Live capabilities, not a common attribute amongst video interview platforms.  Not to mention companies can brand the mobile interview, just like the desktop options. Why is placing your employer brand on the video so important? Well, 29% of job seekers don’t think employers enforce their brand well enough, and 37% of companies don’t even have a strategic employer brand to begin with. Using branded video interviews is a perfect place to start developing your employer brand into something memorable.

We aren’t all the same.

Since the beginning, GreenJobInterview has been known for our unparalleled support. Not a whole lot of vendors in this space can boast white glove service. Clients and job seekers alike have access to instruction videos, so they are never curious about how to use the product. Our clients might be the ones who purchase the contract, but the job seekers who use the systems have access to our proactive support as well. We continually strive to ensure clients and partners receive not only the highest standards of service and quality, but also respect and professionalism. After all, they have a business to maintain, too.

So, Harry, yes… there are differences between video interview platform providers. Not all companies provide a white glove service to clients and their candidates. Their employer brand depends on candidate experience, so the ease of their interview is just as important to us. Using GreenJobInterview allows users to even place their employer branding in the video, so it’s visibly clear to the job seekers. Harry, things have changed. Video interviews expand beyond the desktop and onto your phone – if you so choose.

The point is, you have options. GreenJobInterview has the Live, One-Way, and Mobile options companies like the Mayo Clinic, Home Depot, and Lockheed Martin require to hire the best and brightest candidates, no matter where they might be. Are you ready to embrace the GreenJobInterview difference?

It’s time to rethink your hiring practices. GreenJobInterview is here to help; all you have to do is call.

Julie Salerno
Julie Salerno provides guidance and leadership to the GreenJobInterview sales team and is responsible for the ongoing growth of the company’s revenues and profitability. In June of 2014, Salerno was named the head of strategic alliances. In this role, she works with GreenJobInterview’s extensive network of partners on co-marketing, technology integrations and strategic planning. Julie assists in managing the company’s resources, and improving business processes from sales to service.