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Why User Interface Matters in Video Interviewing


Video-InterviewingUser-friendly. The first thing you hear about the latest piece of technology or new software update is how easily new users can adapt to it. When it comes to sophisticated recruitment tools like video interviewing platforms, the user interface matters.

Because most organizations already use recruiting tools like applicant tracking systems and social media applications, it’s important that a video interviewing service is easily integrated into your current system. Because recruiters are also human, it should also be simple to use.

Video interviewing services are built to make the interview process less costly and easier on both parties. Not all vendors provide this, however. Free options such as Skype or FaceTime don’t offer the support and versatility as paid vendors, not to mention the highly concerning lack of secure storage options with these services. Not only are the options for technical support minimal, there are not opportunities for personalized employer branding. How, then, does the user interface affect how you see candidates and how they see you when they first encounter your employer brand online?

What does it look like?

Recruiting tools should be easy to use for the recruiter and the job seeker. The expansive growth of internet capability has led many recruiting tools to be more complex and housed in the cloud, which paradoxically makes them simpler.

While complexity in programming is necessary to maintain the amount and breadth of data that HR departments encounter regularly, it can be intimidating to sort through every time you need to access something. With this much data  in the hiring process, organizations can’t afford to choose the free options. They simply don’t offer the necessary support or personalization features when screening – or interviewing – candidates.

Brian Westfall, Market Research Associate at Software Advice, recently conducted a comparison of various video interviewing vendors. GreenJobInterview was among these vendors.

He noted:

“Within the candidate profile screen, an interface reminiscent of an open book displays all of the information you need to know about an applicant, including contact information, their text and video responses, the ratings you’ve given those responses and any internal comments you and your team have made. Clicking an arrow at the top-left corner will flip through the pages to see other candidates.”

Sounds pretty simple right? That’s because it is, in fact, you can try a demo right now (it’s okay, we’ll wait).


Where do we stand?

Retention is a problem for 57% of companies. Which means it’s an issue for you in talent acquisition.

One solution? Video interviewing. The ability to painlessly screen candidates before they are brought in for an interview is priceless in creating a talent pool, screening for cultural fit and enhancing the candidate experience. Determining candidate fit – functionally and culturally – before the hiring manager offers them the job is essential in reducing retention issues. It saves companies time and energy training the 89% of failed new hires who don’t quite fit the cultural atmosphere of the office.

When the user interface of a video interviewing service is easy for recruiters and candidates, the hiring process is even smoother. GreenJobInterview’s user interface is getting noticed. Our Fortune 500 clients will agree,we easily integrate into virtually any current recruiting process. Westfall recently noted GreenJobInterview’s user interface as tidy, eco-friendly, and much like reading a book.

“Separate menu options for live interviews (in the GreenJob Live application) and pre-recorded interviews (in GreenJob One-Way) helps keep things tidy, while notification icons in the top-right corner will keep you up-to-date on all the latest submissions, ratings and comments. Should you need help, a green chat box is available in the bottom-right corner of all screens.”

Your recruiting tools should make company recruitment easier, period. If it doesn’t streamline the interview process and complicates hiring practices, then it’s not doing its job and potentially keeping you from doing yours.

Our platform keeps candidate files organized. Without proper data maintenance, quality candidates could get lost in the shuffle. When choosing a video interviewing platform, identify what your organization needs in recruitment technology are. Companies who receive an overabundance of resumes for each job opening, need a versatile solution that creates order from chaos, not one that adds superfluous records to an already overflowing pile of resumes. A video interviewing service that provides a One-Way option helps to thin the candidate pool before interviews are scheduled.

Try demos to see which is the best fit for your recruitment team and your current recruiting methods. If it’s not user-friendly for recruiters and the candidates, it’s not the best option. It’s time to start searching for the best video interviewing platform for your company. Good thing we’ve already done the research for you.


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Cosmin is the Chief Technology Officer for GreenJobInterview, responsible for overseeing the company’s technology vision, innovation and strategic investments. He also leads GreenJobInterview’s technology-related research and development efforts.