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3 Reasons Recruiters are Thankful for Video Interviewing


Video-InterviewingThey might overwhelm, but recruiters are thankful for their platforms and tools. Applicant Tracking Systems, training modules, and video interviewing platforms all make the recruiter’s workload easier…so what’s not to like?

But we’re a little biased and this Thanksgiving, we want to show you what our clients just LOVE about video interviewing. Each one of our three video interviewing options saves on travel costs, has impeccable tech support, and boosts employer brand.

Our amazing clients and users at GreenJobInterview agree and have given us their unique reasons to be thankful for video interviewing. No matter the industry, or their favorite application (One-Way, Live or Mobile) they’ve all taken the time to say thanks. But don’t take our word for it, hear what these talent acquisition gurus have to say:

“So over the years, we have actually pushed to do a lot more first-round video interviews, live. This has cut down on travel costs, hotel costs, and meal expenses to the company to the point that we’re averaging a little north of $5 million savings every year by using the technology.” – Director of Recruiting Operations & Strategy, Wal-mart

GreenJobInterview video technology allows companies to save 67% in travel costs. Instead of sending their recruiters and hiring managers all over the country and all over the globe, GreenJob Live and One-Way Video Interviewing (our video screening solution) saves companies like Wal-mart millions of dollars per year in recruiting costs. It also gives international candidates the same interview opportunities as local job seekers. Moreover, the hiring managers can assess and share the One-Way recorded interviews for review by colleagues at a later time.  Using video interviewing can drastically reduce time-to-hire and cost per hire.

“We’ve been really successful using GreenJobInterview over the last few years. I’m very happy to say that Allergan has been using them for probably about four years now and we’ve been very happy with the service we’ve received. The customer service is excellent and the speed and turn around time that we get, the service level has been excellent.” – Corporate Recruiter, Allergan

Here at GreenJobInterview, we pride ourselves on white-glove service for our clients and their candidates who use our products. The 24/7 support proves it. The tech support is available for our clients, but it’s also available for their candidates. Full of free tutorials and video how-tos, the user interface is easy for clients and candidates. Free video platforms just don’t offer the same benefits. Skype doesn’t provide the same integration capabilities nor does it have the same reliable service. GreenJobInterview’s constant availability and assistance alone is worth it. Plus, our clients have been with us for years. Why? Because we’re pioneers in the video interviewing industry.

“When we put the program in place, it really wasn’t a large effort at all. We were able to pretty much make it happen almost seamlessly and overnight. One of the reasons we brought GreenJobInterview in was because of our global nature and our global footprint.” – Manager of Talent Acquisition, Ada Michigan

Global organizations must have well-developed employer branding strategies. A healthy employer brand is key when trying to attract candidates. In fact, 2 out of 3 candidates will accept a lower salary if the organization has a strong employer brand. Unfortunately, 29% of job seekers don’t feel employers have a strong enough employer brand. Recruiters can brand the video interviews according to company standards using GreenJobInterview. The personalization of the video interview allows organizations to use their own logo and color pallet. Not to mention this capability gives a tech-savvy impression. Integrating GreenJobInterview into your employer branding strategy can help to increase candidate attraction because it is right in front of the candidate.

Video interviewing is part of the trifecta of essential recruitment tools. GreenJobInterview has the capabilities your organization needs to properly and effectively integrate your current hiring process with the video platform. Speeding up the hiring process without sacrificing the quality of the candidate experience is something recruiters can be thankful for. With GreenJob One-Way and our Mobile App, candidates have access to interview at their convenience; then you as a recruiter can screen candidates at your convenience. Not to mention the ability to conduct live interviews with qualified candidates from across the globe. Nothing compares to white glove service and decreased recruiting costs. Thankfully for recruiters, GreenJobInterview has the perfect video interviewing technology for the job.


We would like to sincerely give thanks to all of our wonderful partners, clients, readers and social friends for your continuous support and business!

Julie Salerno
Julie Salerno provides guidance and leadership to the GreenJobInterview sales team and is responsible for the ongoing growth of the company’s revenues and profitability. In June of 2014, Salerno was named the head of strategic alliances. In this role, she works with GreenJobInterview’s extensive network of partners on co-marketing, technology integrations and strategic planning. Julie assists in managing the company’s resources, and improving business processes from sales to service.