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How to Reduce Your Workload with Video Screening


Video-ScreeningChaos sometimes takes hold of the hiring process, spawned by the lack of available time. If there’s one thing everyone needs more of, it’s time. The world of technology created an overabundance of timesaving applications. Yet, somehow there are still not enough hours in the day to get everything done. As recruiters, if there were an easier and quicker way to screen the mass of candidates, you’d want to know about it, right?

Well, video screening does just that. Casting a wide net usually means a large candidate pool. However, incorporating video screening into the hiring process can save time and reduce the workload associated with a hefty talent pool. High volume hiring is no longer an issue.

Take 5…

Recruiters can take a 5-minute break (because they have the time) when they use video interviewing to screen candidates, and they can also take 5 steps away from the screening process. First of all, video integration into the screening process removes the need for scheduling. Candidates can record the videos on their own time. That means recruiters don’t have to pick up the phone in order to screen candidates. Removing scheduling from the mix not only saves recruiters time, it’s also convenient for candidates.

With 77% of full-time employees looking for new career opportunities, it’s important for recruiters to cater to their time constraints. It’s easier to record their answers on their own time when they get home from work than it is to interview on their lunch hour with rushed behavior.

Screen candidates at the speed of light!

Well… you can at least screen 10 candidates with GreenJob One-Way in the time it takes to conduct one phone screeningThat is a lot of weight lifted from the recruiter’s ever-growing workload. Subsequently a lighter recruiting workload means a faster time-to-hire. Without the added time of scheduling and translating any candidate information noted during the screening, recruiters are able to spend more time evaluating more candidates. According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, 38% of organizations said the main trigger for introducing video into their hiring process was a reduction in time-to-hire.

Sharing made easier

With video screening options like GreenJob One-Way, recruiters can share candidate videos with other hiring decision-makers in the company. Phone screenings don’t provide the same luxury. In order to try to convey the same information heard over the phone screen, recruiters have to take notes as best they can while keeping the conversation streamlined. Frantically trying to write down every important detail about the candidate while on the phone with them is, quite frankly, tedious and unproductive. It’s one thing to manage your own variety of chaos; adding more hiring managers to the pandemonium is an entirely different entity. In fact:

“It is pretty common for multiple hiring managers to make decisions together. This means the one doing the screenings will have to record and forward vital information about each screening to another decision maker. This process can get jumbled and ineffective quite quickly…” – Greg Rokos, President & Co-founder of GreenJobInterview

The world of recruiting is fueled by time… or lack thereof. Consistently a priority, shortening time-to-hire would not only save the organization money, but it would also lighten the workload of recruiters. Video screening is the perfect tool for those looking to decrease recruitment spend in both time and money. With video, you can remove several steps in the recruitment and screening processes. This allows recruiters to find lost time and repurpose it. This is a recruiter’s easier way to screen candidates.  No more hurried note transcriptions passed along to other hiring decision makers. No more recorded fuzzy phone screenings. All of the candidate’s files are in one place, easily shared and evaluated by more than one hiring manager.

Chaos? That’s not in our vocabulary. We can help you remove it from yours. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.


Julie Salerno
Julie Salerno provides guidance and leadership to the GreenJobInterview sales team and is responsible for the ongoing growth of the company’s revenues and profitability. In June of 2014, Salerno was named the head of strategic alliances. In this role, she works with GreenJobInterview’s extensive network of partners on co-marketing, technology integrations and strategic planning. Julie assists in managing the company’s resources, and improving business processes from sales to service.