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The Stress of Business Travel is Costing You!


Business travel is simply a part of many of our professional lives. Whether you enjoy getting out of the state for a bit, or dread the time away, traveling today presents its stressors for everyone. HEC and Carlson Wagonlit did a pretty rad job of putting this infographic together by gender and professional level on the stresses of business travel.

Some business travel results in direct profits for the business, but that isn’t always the case. The costs associated with sourcing a candidate, getting them through the hiring process and travel expenses to interview can pile up, and it’s all for not if the candidate ends up not being a fit. Depending on the organization, travel expenses can be a large portion of the recruiting budget and surprisingly enough, stress can be a big part of that expense.

  • The infographic reveals that the stress of someone at the VP level can skyrocket during both the flight portion of travel and the post trip portion as well.
  • Of the 33 stress categories, “Getting through customs” is a high stressor for just about everyone.
  • It seem that higher-level workers, like director, execs and VPs, experience higher levels of stress in more categories than lower-level workers.

We also saw some surprising stress categories that many of us fail to take into account. The following have also been tied to decreased motivation, creativity and productivity at work.

  • Not able to maintain exercise routine.
  • Not able to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Traveling over the weekend.
  • Working long hours.

Stop wasting time, money and the sanity of your candidates on interviews that haven’t been properly vetted with video screening and interviewing. Avoid high travel expenses and a poor candidate experience by getting started with video interviewing today.

So check out the cool infographic below and then take a demo and see how easy it is to reduce these traveling stressors right away.

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