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Is Addressing Attraction and Retention on Your To-Do List?


small__5750960959Our focus is on improving each step of the screening and interviewing processes, but we realize there is more to hiring. That’s why we like to find and share resources to help HR and recruiting professionals iron out their processes and put vetted best practices to work in their own organizations. HireRight revealed the right and wrong ways you can take on the road to talent based on their 2013 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report.

52% of respondents stated that their top business challenge was hiring and retaining talent. Tweet it!

HireRight contends that part of the issue is that organizations aren’t exactly rolling out the welcome mat with their application processes. The study revealed several common mistakes that organizations are making in their recruiting and hiring efforts.

51% of companies did not offer clear employment-branding messages. Tweet it!

Employment branding should be built in to every single part of the recruiting and hiring process. Each email, social post and job listing should be branded. We understand the importance of branding, and that is why we offer complete customizable branding on our video interviewing platform. Click here to see some branded examples and find out how to keep your brand in front of candidates throughout the entire hiring process.

The bar is set; an application process should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Tweet it!

With the caliber of software that is currently available, candidates aren’t going to waste their time with a lengthy and uninviting process; they’ll simply move on to the next job listing. The same goes for the screening and interviewing process; the smoother the process, the more likely candidates are to complete it. Click here to find out how offering virtual screening and interviewing can transform your recruiting process.

90% of candidates who were treated with courtesy and a personal touch would encourage others to join the company in the future. Tweet it!

This is a no-brainer; employers have to start treating employees and candidates like they treat their customers. Building a strong employer brand starts in recruiting. GreenJobInterview allows candidates to get face-to-face sooner in the process, adding that personal touch early on.

Well-informed candidates have a 35% lower dissatisfaction rate. Tweet it!

The job-hunting process is no picnic for candidates as it is without the discourtesy of bad, or no communication. Automated emails are the perfect way to keep candidates up-to-date throughout the process and they take the burden off of overwhelmed recruiters. GreenJobInterview understands the importance of a clearly communicated process, so that’s exactly what we offer with our software. When a candidate receives an email inviting them to take a video interview, the process is mapped out clearly, so that the candidate is never left guessing.

34% of job candidates strongly agreed that their experience during the hiring process –whether positive or negative –affected their decision to accept a position. Tweet it!

Let’s revisit that first stat: 52% of respondents stated that their top business challenge was hiring and retaining talent. This is the time to improve your recruiting and hiring process. The experience that organizations offer their candidates will directly affect their success.

We know that attraction and retention are top concerns in organizations across the board, and we would like to take addressing that concern off of your to-do list today. Our software tackles many of the common shortcomings in the recruiting and hiring process. Do you need help finding those holes in your process and then fixing them? Take a two-minute tour to find out how GreenJobInterview can help.

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A 20-year veteran of the recruiting industry, Greg Rokos provides strategic direction for GreenJobInterview® and is responsible for marketing its video interviewing solutions through client meetings, conferences, speaking engagements and key channel partnerships.