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Your Candidate Experience Questions Answered


Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 5.59.25 PMThere are a lot of reasons that any given company will switch to virtual interviewing, but a big one is improving the candidate experience. Yes, video interviewing saves recruiters and hiring manager’s time and money, but it does the same for candidates. The built in perks for the candidate of video interviewing are however, just a small part of what companies can be doing to improve the candidate experience in the hiring process.

iCIMS recently released their 2014 Candidate Experience Playbook, and it’s packed full of useful insights to improve your own processes and practices. We’ve all been working on our employer brands, but have we taken it far enough? iCIMS contends that the candidate experience is the most important element of a company’s brand.

Social media has given customers and candidates a voice, it’s a loud one, and it crafts your brand.

  • 46% of candidates rate their candidate experience applying for jobs as poor to very poor. Tweet this stat.
  • 64% said that they share information about their candidate experience via social media. Tweet this stat.

“Just a few negative candidate reviews can dissuade candidates from applying to your company. Even if you have more positive feedback than negative, critical reviews tend to stick in candidates’ minds longer than good reviews. And make no mistake – critical reviews are being spread far and wide with the help of social media.”

Companies know that they need to give candidates what they want –but what do they want? iCIMS breaks it down for us…

Where Are They Looking?

49.32% use web searches. Tweet this stat. With the majority of candidates using search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, it is vital that employers work on their search engine optimization. This means keeping up with current best practices and consistency.

40.41% are on job boards. Tweet this stat. Despite all the talk about the death of job boards, this number is still very high. Employers have to cut it out with the canned listings and get more creative, welcoming and informative.

10.27% use social media. Tweet this stat. Companies need an applicant tracking system that will automate job ad shares across multiple channels. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are musts, but there are great opportunities to attract talent on sites like Instagram, Pinterest and even Vine.

How Do They Prefer to Apply?

  • 42.42% prefer to complete an online application or upload a resume. Tweet this stat.
  • 38.56% prefer to apply via email. Tweet this stat.
  • 15.55% said they would prefer an in-store kiosk. Tweet this stat.
  • 3.47% said traditional mail would be their preferred method of applying.

It looks like companies need to go to work on the company career page. The career page should be branded, full of images and easily shared via clickable social icons. iCIMS recommends adding things like employee testimonials and job seeker resources.

Why Didn’t They Complete the Process?

Have you checked your application abandonment rate lately? Tons of qualified, relevant candidates bail on the process for totally avoidable reasons. As companies are adopting more candidate-friendly software, those who aren’t are left in the dust when it comes to actually getting applications in.

38.26% said the application process was too long. Tweet this stat. The new standard is about 15 minutes. If a candidate has to spend more than 15 to apply, they will likely abandon the process.

30.03% said that the application required information that wasn’t readily available. Tweet this stat. This one has a two-fold solution. First, the application should be easily saved and accessed to finish at a later time. Secondly, if questions or fields aren’t totally necessary, they should just be left out.

There are a lot more golden nuggets of information in the iCIMS report. These were just a few points that we believe are important to know about and act upon. Want more information on improving your employer brand? We’d like to help with that. Take a demo, give us a chance to follow you back, or browse our resources on your own.

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A 20-year veteran of the recruiting industry, Greg Rokos provides strategic direction for GreenJobInterview® and is responsible for marketing its video interviewing solutions through client meetings, conferences, speaking engagements and key channel partnerships.