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5 FAQs for the Video Interviewing Process


small__9647972522You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. You might have used video interviewing before, but not all providers are made equal. We have certain ways of doing things at GreenJobInterview, which pleasantly surprise our customers and users. Here are your video interviewing FAQs, the GreenJob way.

What kind of technology do I need to have?

Given the standard equipment in offices today, lack of tech is rarely a problem. Most computers made within the last decade will have a built in web cam. Other than a web cam, you will need a suitable internet connection. If for some reason the candidate or the recruiter doesn’t have a web cam or strong enough internet connection, GreenJobInterview will take care of it. They ship web cams anywhere in the world to make sure the interview can happen. They will also find the nearest place that the recruiter or candidate can get on a hardwire internet connection.

What about technical issues?

GreenJobInterview offers 24/7 live support. Candidates and recruiters can get in touch with a real person for their technical issues, around the clock. This product also comes with automated tech checks. These checks ensure that the camera and audio are working correctly. The tech check also gives the candidate the opportunity to answer a practice question. By the time you see them, they’ve worked out the kinks and nerves for the best interview possible.

How will my candidate know how it works?

The candidate is able to see exactly what the screen will look like during their interview in the tech check. They will receive instructions and find out what the prompts look like. They have the opportunity to check lighting and ensure that the surroundings are optimal. The idea is for candidates to be as comfortable and prepared as possible.

They also have the option of a video tutorial that goes through everything including the countdown timer, playback and re-recording options. When the candidate indicates that they are prepared to start, a pop-up window will even show them a summary of what to expect during the interview. The summary gives them details like how many questions will be asked, how long they will have to collect their thoughts and then answer.

Is there training or assistance? I’ve never done this before.

There is always a learning curve when using new technology and we pride ourselves in covering all of the bases when it comes to informing our customers and users on the optimal use of this software and its features. We provide 24/7 tech support, lightening fast social media responses, and a blog full of helpful information, insights and best practices. GreenJobInterview offers initial and ongoing training and support to customers and users. From the best lighting, to effective interview questions, we cover it for you. If you don’t want to make the phone call, or just want to learn more, you can check out video tutorials.

Do I need to be in the office? That kind of defeats the purpose…

Nope, anywhere you can use your smart device; you can use GreenJob software through the app. The same goes for candidates. As long as there is an internet connection and a camera, the interview is on!

Do you have a question that we haven’t covered? You’re not the only one wondering. We want to know about it and inform our users. Tweet us your video interviewing questions or leave a comment below. Video interviewing is here to stay, and it’s our job to keep you informed and hiring great talent.
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A 20-year veteran of the recruiting industry, Greg Rokos provides strategic direction for GreenJobInterview® and is responsible for marketing its video interviewing solutions through client meetings, conferences, speaking engagements and key channel partnerships.