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5 Tips for Strengthening Your Employment Brand


employer-brandDon’t think job candidates are telling the world how they feel about being interviewed by your company? Think again.

Sixty-four percent of recently surveyed candidates say they actively share their experiences on social media, as noted in the article, “The Candidate Experience: It Can Make or Break Your Employer Brand.” And that doesn’t even include their conversations, forum discussions and email exchanges. The article goes on to offer several extremely useful insights about how the candidate experience can help or harm your employment brand.

For those of you using virtual interviewing, remember that you already have a leg up on the employment branding challenge. Research has shown that candidates largely feel virtual interviews convey an employer’s respect for candidates’ busy lives. After all, scheduling interviews is much easier without the need to travel. And recorded interviews, in particular, allow candidates to participate entirely at their own convenience—whether that’s at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m.

Beyond the convenience factor, there are actually a number of things you can do to make your employment brand shine through virtual interviews. Here are five:

  1. Be sure your interview invitations and other candidate communications carry your brand. Communications that clearly come from third parties (your virtual interviewing vendor or employment agency, for example) can leave candidates feeling marginalized, as though you want to be shielded from them by middlemen. It also helps to customize the messages within your invitations, emails and other communications. Cookie-cutter messaging isn’t hard to detect, and it implies that your company doesn’t care enough about people to communicate directly and personally with them.
  2. Similarly, the online “environment” candidates enter to take part in virtual interviews should carry your organization’s brand, color palette, and other unique design features. This environment should reflect your other online presences (your public website, your LinkedIn page, etc.) as closely as possible. Uniformity and consistency say a lot about your employment brand.
  3. Post your own company videos to your virtual interviewing environment. Consider recording videos that clearly explain the responsibilities of open positions. Or upload a video that offers candidates an overview of your organization. Videos that speak to culture and those featuring your current employees are especially powerful. These types of videos definitely help you differentiate and strengthen your hiring brand.
  4. Link your virtual interviewing environment to your internal career center or jobs page on your company’s website. Again, you want to present a seamless, integrated identity. Linking your hiring and sourcing tools is an important step toward doing so.
  5. Finally, be sure to survey each candidate about her/his experience at the end of the interview. According to the survey referenced in the article, only 11 percent of employers ask for candidate feedback! That’s a huge missed opportunity. Surveying candidates offers you two critical benefits: first, it gives you direct insights into how candidates feel about your interviewing practices and approach; and, second, it clearly demonstrates that you value candidates’ opinions. And with very few of your competitors doing that, asking for feedback will go a long way toward differentiating your employment brand.

These are just a few of the things you can do to ensure that your virtual interviews strengthen both your candidate experience and your hiring brand. And they speak volumes about your company’s culture and how you treat your people.