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GreenJob One-Way™ Delivers New Option for Virtual Interviews



As you may already know, we recently announced the availability of GreenJob One-WayTM, which offers recordable on demand virtual interviews. This allows employers to significantly reduce their time to hire, saving time and money and creating a better experience overall. The response to our new One-Way virtual interviews has been outstanding!

Recordable Virtual Interviews Gain in Popularity

As noted in February, in an article titled Five Healthcare Recruiting Trends for 2013, virtual interviews will be more prevalent and is becoming more of a standard as part of a job search. Virtual interviews are a trend happening in every industry. More and more companies are faced with the ongoing challenge of saving time and costs, and finding better, more efficient and sustainable ways to run their businesses. The answer for many of these companies has been to embrace virtual interviews.

It should be no surprise that part of the reason is the advances in technology has really come a long way.  Videos are a part of our culture, the everyday norm. They play a part in much of our lives already for entertainment, keeping in touch with family and friends, for information and education and now for hiring and interviewing. Virtual interviews have become a trend that promises to reshape the way we recruit talent in the future.

The old days of traveling to an interview are just that … old. Imagine that you’ve got hundreds of candidates for a job and you yourself are out in the field, traveling or spending much of the day commuting to your own job and meetings. With recorded virtual interviews, an employer can choose a time and place that works for them to review, rate and even share interviews from a computer, laptop, and even mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones.

Our customers tell us they can’t wait to use GreenJob One-Way. We heard the comments that in some situations, a recorded interview is just a better, more convenient option that they want to have. But, as the saying goes, “seeing is believing,” so now it’s your turn to give it a try or request a demo.